Thompson Pump Company's CBM pump is a specialized pump for coal bed gas fields.  It is designed to eliminate gas lock and counteract the coal particles from packing  and binding up a conventional pump. This pump is specifically designed to prevent the plunger from sticking. Most coal bed methane wells will produce coal dust that compacts and bind up a conventional pump.


As our CBM plunger is a solid rod and pushes rather than pulls the fluid to the surface. there is a lot less work for the unit to do since the weight of the rod string is used to push the fluid.  The motor is only used to lift the rods instead of the fluid. On the up stroke the lower housing fills with fluid and on the down stroke the fluid is pushed out the bottom discharge valve keeping the seating assembly from sanding in.  The barrel has a wiper design on one end that keeps the rod free of coal dust as it moves with the stroke.  The barrel is short as the length of stroke is adjusted with the length of the lower housing.  With the shorter barrel, there is less area to bind. This pump can be installed with any conventional hold down assembly.


Less moving parts to pack

Less parts cause lower replacement or repair costs

Eliminates gas lock

Fluid is agitated to prevent pump from sanding in

Conventional set up

Prevents pump from sanding up

Ideal for trashy well conditions

Patent No. US 8,328,528 B2

Date of Patent - December 11, 2012