Thompson Pump Company manufactures a complete line of precision, sand-resistant subsurface oil well pumping equipment. Since 1919, Thompson Pumps have been used in every major American oil field and throughout the world.  They have established a remarkable record for performance, dependability, efficiency, and economy. Thompson Pump is registered to API Specification Q1, which dictate quality management system components.  The company manufactures all products in accordance with API Specification 11AX.



Thompson is honestly concerned that its customers get the best possible service and operating economy from their sucker rod pumps. That's why only the finest materials are used in Thompson pumps, parts and accessories, and why every downhole pump is carefully inspected and tested before shipment.


When parts and accessories are needed, such as tubing pumps, insert pumps, rod pump, pump barrels, Thompson provides them from one of the industry's most complete inventories.


Service is an important part of Thompson's business. Its field engineers are thoroughly trained and experienced in all phases of pump work. They provide the kind of service that comes only from a company that really cares about you and your pump problems.(CB--)